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the man who torched davis' law office last month. a person was arrested for the fire as well as two others. alan wang has more on a possible motive. >> when the mayor surveyed the damage of his burned out law office last month, he told "abc 7 news" he believed the attack was politically motivated. >> i can certainly tell you the motive was not politically motivated. maybe a distain with the system and the rules. >> 44-year-old maude love use an accelerant to set fire to the who was. >> the mayor didn't know who he is? >> that is not something i want to comment on. >> he wanted to handle his mother's estate. love ended up being forced out the house his mother owned and he has always blamed the mayor. love filed a civil suit against davis in 2005 but a judgment was never recorded. >> we have been looking at him as a lead in a series of arsons plagued our city. >> love also set mortuary on fire on june 6th. the funeral home handled the service for his mother. he is also accused of throwing a firebomb threw the window of the taylor chapel on june 30th. family members says love thought the chur
still run a major law enforcement agency. >> she issued a statement, politicizing this issue is silencing survivors that dangerous and insensitive why they attack me when this is not about me. >> in business news the facebook stocks are finally paying off. shareholder sandberg made $7.4 million by selling 353,000 shares of facebook. the restrictions expired this week meaning 230 million shares are eligible to trade. the company went public in may, $38 a share, now trading around 21. ceo mark zuckerberg has not sold any of his shares. >> new this morning, sports fisherman men know the significance of first saturday in november. the crab season is under way. it started at midnight. it brings out lots of fishermen that get a 12-jump on crabbers. competition is fears. majority being caught within the first six weeks of the season. crab fishing occurs in bodega bay and half moon bay and monterey bay. they are limited to six to ten crabs per catch and there should be some delicious dumping necessary cracks. >> we. >> there is something in your forecast for truly everybody? >> i sup
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2